4D SHOW is a powerful media server featuring a newly designed, unique state-of-the-art system architecture. A new generation high performance media management software, a robust, reliable, real cost efficient, easy to use show control system.

General Details

4D SHOW is a high performance video and media management software for multiple projection displays, featuring 3D mapping and warping, full HD1080p playback of 16 videos simultaneously with frame accurate synchronicity, compositing, built-in accurate digital keystone, automatic soft-edge blending form all angles, unlimited timelines, multiple video layering, several effects, and more.

4D SHOW’s architecture requires only 1 server for the production and display, including 4 Display port outputs + 2 desktop outputs, and SDIHD, 4K inputs, making it a very cost efficient solution. This versatile media server manages video sequences and cues in real-time and synchronizes external cues, controls and time codes to any chosen timeline.

4D SHOW is a workhorse. Built tough, this is a robust, reliable, powerful and easy to use media server, that will give you optimal performances and flexibility. 4D SHOW will respond efficiently to your production needs with flawless and advanced functionalities, at the right price.

• Produce and display your show with one same server
(4 display port video outputs + 2 desktop outputs)
• Newly designed, robust, unique system architecture running on Windows 10
• Truly easy to use, learn and operate
• A real cost efficient solution


    • Multiple timeline based interface with unlimited number of layers and synchronized cues
    • Full HD1080p playback of 16 videos simultaneously with frame accurate synchronicity
    • Codecs: H264, MPEG4, HAP, …
    • Hardware-controlled RAID arrays of solid-state disks
    • Complex curve, warping and 3D mapping with unlimited number of control points for accurate precision
    • Automatic edge-blending in all angles of multiple giant size images
    • Support of multiple resolutions and refresh rates
    • Synchronization with external controls, time codes and cues (DMX, SMPTE, Art-Net, MIDI)
    • Highly efficient network easy to set-up, controlled by master machine
    • Digital keystone for quick and easy calibration of several projectors
    • SDI, HD/SDI, 4K live input
    • Keyframe animation and multiple image filters
    • Multiscreen projection per output


    Server case : 4U Rackmount
    CPU : Intel Core i7, 6 cores, 3,4 GHz
    Outputs : 4 x Display port video outputs + 2 x desktop outputs
    Inputs : SDI, HD-SDI, 4K
    RAM : 16GB
    Storage (DATA) : SSD 1TB
    Storage (OS) : SSD 240GB
    GPU : NVIDIA Quadro M4000